Happy May Day

"A Garland for May Day 1895, Dedicated to the Workers 
by Walter Crane"

May Day: Made in America - Joseph North (1943)

May Day 1951 - Howard Fast

Western Labor Parades - NY Times (May 2, 1886)

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Now Is the Month of Maying
Now is the month of Maying, 
When merry lads are playing! 
Fa la la la la!

Each with his bonny lass, 
A-dancing on the grass, 
Fa la la la la! 

The Spring, clad all in gladness, 
Doth laugh at Winter's sadness! 
Fa la la la la!

And to the bagpipes’ sound, 
The nymphs tread out the ground! 
Fa la la la la!

Fie! Then why sit we musing, 
Youth’s sweet delight refusing? 
Fa la la la la!

Say, dainty nymphs and speak! 
Shall we play barley break
Fa la la la la! 

Sir Thomas Morley

Yggdrasil - From Northern Antiquities, an English translation of the Prose Edda from 1847. Painted by an Oluf Olufsen Bagge, according to some web sources.

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