Samhain Greetings at Halloween
Snap-Apple Night, painted by Irish artist Daniel Maclise in 1833. The painting was inspired by a Halloween party that he attended in Blarney, Ireland, in 1832. The caption from the first exhibition catalogue is the verse that follows. [Wikipedia
There Peggy was dancing with Dan
While Maureen the lead was melting,
To prove how their fortunes ran
With the Cards ould Nancy dealt in;
There was Kate, and her sweet-heart Will,
In nuts their true-love burning,
And poor Norah, though smiling still
She'd missed the snap-apple turning.
On the Festival of Hallow Eve.
Snap-Apple is a traditional game similar to bobbing for apples, in which the apple is suspended on a string, with a coin hidden inside. 

Melting lead and pouring it through a ring or key into a dish of water is a traditional way of divining the future, by reading the shapes that are formed.

Burning hazelnuts is a traditional way of divining whether or not a lover is true.

The ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounded sow-in) corresponds to our modern holiday of Halloween. It marks the end of summer and of the harvest season. Traditional celebrations feature bonfires and various forms of divination.

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