Happy Valentine's Day


The Saucy Sea Horse

A Sea Horse and a Saw Horse
Saw a see-saw one day;
Said the Sea Horse to the Saw Horse,
"See here, Saw Horse, say,
Can you see-saw with a Sea Horse?"
"Saucy Sea Horse," said the Saw Horse,
"To see-saw with a Sea Horse
For me is only play."

Then the Sea Horse and the Saw Horse
Climbed the sea-saw with pride.
Both the Sea Horse and the Saw Horse
Were determined to ride,
So the see-saw saw the Sea Horse,
And the Sea Horse saw the Saw Horse,
And see-sawed Saw and Sea Horse,
One perched upon each side.

So the Sea Horse and the Saw Horse
First "seed" and then "sawed"
Both Sea Horse and Saw Horse
On the long see-saw board,
Till the Saw Horse said, "Sea Horse,
A see-sawing Saw Horse
And a saucier Sea Horse
Have never see-sawed!"

From the 1919 edition of "The Young Folks Treasury"
Seahorse image © Simon Chandler


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