Gourmet Popsicles

These are the fruits of an experimental popsicle phase I went through a few summers ago. A cheap popsicle mold can be purchased at your local palace of commerce (though you can do without), and recipes abound all over the web. The only other requirements are adequate freezer space, plenty of nice warm weather, and a taste for frosty treats. I wish you all of these in abundance, and many hours of happy slurping. Enjoy!

The Basics

If you don’t happen to have a dedicated popsicle mold and you don’t want to go find one, 5-oz. plastic cups and plastic knives work great. If you put the knives in when the pops are half-frozen, the handles will stand up straight when they freeze all the way. Alternatively, you can cover the cups with tinfoil and stick the knives through (which also keeps the popsicle base from tasting like freezer). Otherwise, you can just have popsicles with crooked handles. 

Vanilla yogurt makes a good base (plain is good too, but may need added sugar), and leftover fruits that are about to go mushy are perfect flavoring. You can also go through your fridge and cupboards looking for scraps of this and that, throw everything in the blender, strain if necessary, and voilą! 

Some Examples

Choco-Cheesy Trufficles - oozing chocolate truffles left over from last Christmas; a smidgen of mascarpone cheese too small for any recipe; a dollop of plain yogurt; some sugar; and the last drops from an old bottle of amaretto. Blend.

Banilla Pops - one small container of vanilla yogurt plus one half banana. Blend. 

Cherry-Berricles - one small container of fruit-on-bottom cherry yogurt, plus 
¼ cup mixed leftover berries, such as raspberry and blueberry. Blend and strain. 

Bananas Fostercles - one recipe Bananas Foster plus 1-2 small containers vanilla yogurt. Blend. (Good luck getting this one into the freezer, it is so yummy.) 

Maroc-O-Pops - orange juice, Ribena black currant syrup, ground cloves, heavy cream, sugar. Stir.

Behold the mold: $2.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Please note the sippy straws for drainage.

Some Recipe Links

Dripless Jello-Koolaid Pops - This is a classic recipe for popsicles like you used to eat, only much better (unless you used to eat these). They don't exactly qualify as "gourmet," but compared to the supermarket variety that you will never buy again, they really are. Use matching jello and koolaid flavors! Here's what I've tried so far: Raspberry (best); Grape (good); Fruit Punch (not bad).

Pineapple-Yogurt Popsicles - These are among the best I've tried, and also incredibly simple. Try different fruit flavors!

The following recipes I have not yet tried:

Oreo Cheesecake Pops
Fudge Pops
Lemon Buttermilk Ice Pops
Blueberry-Lime Ice Pops

Mexican popsicles are some of the best; here is a link that describes them, and offers recipes: Paletas. I've never had the cucumber-chile variety, but you can bet I'll be giving it a whirl (in the blender). Here is another link with more recipes: Popsicles, Mexican Style. 

[Originally posted 7/7/06]

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