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A cabbage salad by any other name...
Coleslaw was probably consumed, in its earliest form, in the times of the ancient Romans... The term "cole slaw" arose in the 18th century as a partial translation from the Dutch term "koolsla," a shortening of "koolsalade," which means "cabbage salad." - Wikipedia
I am a big fan of cabbage, and especially of raw cabbage chopped up with other vegetables in tasty dressing - otherwise known as slaw. Forget about the little paper cup of green and orange shreds you get with your BBQ sandwich - I'm talking serious slaw in all its vivid glory.

Some Recipe Links

Checker Flag Ragin' Red Cabbage Slaw - You have to search the recipe at the linked page. Forget the cheesy name - this is  great slaw. From Biker Billy's Hog Wild on a Harley Cookbook.

Spicy Peanut Slaw - The sauce is not pretty, but the slaw is good, and open to substitutions. Double the soy sauce; do add the jalapenos; cucumber can sub for kohlrabi; red onion can sub for green onions.

An Apple a Day Coleslaw - This is just yummy. The dressing makes twice as much as you need. Other changes: coarsely grate the apple; substitute a diced purple onion if you like; green or red cabbage ok (natch); do mix!

The following recipes I have not yet tried:

Ratatouille Slaw
Sweet Mango Slaw
Coleslaw with Fennel

Warm slaw is a road I have not yet traveled down, but if you are ready, willing and able, this recipe might be a good place to start: Warm Asian-Style Slaw

[Originally posted 1/14/07]

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