Black Squirrel of Happiness
When this squirrel showed up under the birdfeeders, I thought he was some weird anomaly of nature - a negative albino. After googling him though, I found that he is not such a rare beast at all, just a bit out of his customary range, the northern Midwest. He was really handsome in person, with a dark minky coat.
It was suggested to me that his sudden anomalous appearance might be ominously portentous, as in "Black Squirrel of Doom," so I renamed him to reverse any possible hint of curse. If he shows up again and takes to hanging out, he may get a less cumbersome moniker, like "Moe" or "Chuck."
Pictured below are a gray and a baby red squirrel in the same spot (on another day), for comparison. The black squirrel is really quite swarthy, as you can see.
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