Chirpy the Woodchuck
August 12, 2007 ~ Rest in Peace


This charming, delightful, sweet and harmless creature was just killed by a young coyote. Farewell, dear Chirpy - we will miss you, as you romp and gambol in greener pastures beyond the Great Big Hedge.


Chirpy was the friendliest woodchuck I ever knew. Here he is communing with a squirrel and a dove under the birdfeeder - he got along very well with all the woodland critters. I have never seen a coyote around here before, and I imagine Chirpy was unused to encountering serious predators. I saw him meet a cat once, and they both ran away.

It would require a good deal of time and patience to study the habits of woodchucks, they are so shy and watchful. They hear the least sound of a footstep on the ground, and are quick to see also. One should go clad in a suit somewhat like their own, the warp of tawny and the woof of green, and then, with a painted or well-tanned face, he might lie out on a sunny bank till they appeared. - Henry David Thoreau

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