Very Small Mouse

This very small mouse was sitting outside the back door, trying very hard to eat a sunflower seed. He didn't seem to care at all about me, so I of course was concerned, and also ran for the camera.

Since the mouse was having a very hard time with the unhulled sunflower seed, I decided to offer him some bread. I also placed a pistachio nut nearby, not for the mouse to eat, but to provide a reference in terms of size. 

The mouse continued to be unutterably cute, and also not to care about me, so I continued taking his picture while he munched away. He obliged by presenting another profile.

But cutest of all perhaps was when he turned his back and flashed those Dumbo ears. If you look carefully, you can see his enormously long whiskers sprouting out as well. It looks like they're coming out the top of his head.

Finally the mouse got tired of bread, or had enough, or got sick of posing. In any case, off he hopped into the undergrowth, thus allaying my concerns for his safety. It seems he was not such an ingenu as I thought. So long, Mousie!

Lucyria Gallery