Woodchucks Redux
I am too easily contented with a slight and almost animal happiness. My happiness is a good deal like that of the woodchucks.
Henry David Thoreau
     The woodchucks are back in force, and cuter than ever. Watching them day after day as they gambol and graze in the same stretch of lawn, then disappear into always the same hedgy rise when spooked by the fall of a leaf (or whatever), I finally realized that the hedge must harbor their home. And sure enough, when I prowled over to take a look, I spied the miniature cave pictured below, engineered and constructed by woodchucks.


Honest to goodness, how cute is that? It was a very hot day, and this chuck actually lay down flat while grazing. I guess I would too.


"Back off, camera lady!" 


Munch, munch, munch...


"I am so cute!"


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