Woodchuck Visit
“I am too easily contented with a slight and almost animal happiness. My happiness is a good deal like that of the woodchucks.”
Henry David Thoreau
A happy woodchuck family has inhabited the backyard all summer, merrily munching on crabgrass (when the lawn is not parched and brown as an abandoned grilled cheese sandwich), and exploring the environs with a decidedly uncharacteristic degree of nonchalant aplomb. Woodchucks are usually quite shy, so I've watched in astonishment as these cheeky chuckers have taken over the hood as top herbivore (& progeny). One afternoon, a couple of them paid me a neighborly visit...

Baby woodchuck comes to the back door. "Is anybody home? Is there any birdseed in there?"

Two woodchuck visitors stare politely. They do not mention my species.

"Thanks for the birdseed - it's topnotch. First-rate. Primo!"

"It's time for my close-up."

A chip off the old block.

Kvetching squirrel also tolerated by magnanimous top herbivores.

Time to play.

Family Portrait

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